NGATE’s Leadership – Steering Innovation and Success

At NGATE, our leadership team is the driving force behind our success in the fields of website development and digital marketing. This dynamic team combines years of experience with a passion for digital excellence, guiding NGATE towards new heights in Sydney’s vibrant digital landscape.


Sam & Roy, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs


As the co-founders and co-CEOs of NGATE, Sam and Roy bring a unique and visionary approach to digital solutions. Sam, who also serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Roy, doubling as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), complement each other's expertise to steer NGATE's strategy and growth.

Sam's expertise lies in the realm of digital marketing and strategy. With a background rich in innovative marketing solutions and brand development, he has been pivotal in shaping NGATE’s approach to client engagement and market expansion. His commitment to creative and effective marketing strategies has been integral in establishing NGATE's reputation in the digital sector.

Roy, with his journey in technology starting in 2009, brings extensive experience in a range of technical and developmental fields. His expertise spans database administration, software development, network security, and much more, contributing significantly to NGATE's technological advancements and solution offerings. Roy's focus on innovation and technological excellence has ensured NGATE remains at the forefront of the digital landscape.

Together, Sam and Roy's combined leadership and commitment to innovation and excellence have solidified NGATE as a leader in the digital sector, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering growth.


Roy, Chief Technology Officer

Roy leads our technological initiatives at NETGATE, ensuring that we stay ahead in a fast-evolving digital world. With his journey in technology starting in 2009, Roy brings extensive experience in a wide range of fields. His expertise spans database administration, design, and optimization; programming in languages from low-level to high-level; web and software development; performance optimization; web application and network security; game development; microservices; API development and integration; and DevOps engineering. Holding certifications in all these fields, Roy has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge solutions that set NGATE apart in website development and digital marketing. His comprehensive background and innovative approach are key drivers in our pursuit of technological excellence.


Sam, Chief Marketing Officer

At the helm of our marketing efforts is Sam, a master in digital marketing strategies. With over 30 certifications from SEMRUSH, two certificates from Google Adwords, and an extensive background as a software engineer and web developer, Sam brings a deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape. His expertise in SEO, combined with a passion for ISSF clay shooting, reflects his precision and focus in both innovative campaigns and data-driven strategies. Sam has significantly contributed to NGATE’s reputation as a digital marketing powerhouse, implementing cutting-edge techniques that drive success and growth.


Rachad, Chief Financial Officer

Rachad oversees NGATE’s financial strategy, ensuring sustainable growth and fiscal health. His expertise in finance management has been crucial in navigating the competitive digital industry, supporting NGATE’s expansion and operational excellence.


A Team Dedicated to Digital Excellence

The NGATE leadership team is more than a group of executives; they are innovators and strategists, committed to driving the company forward. Under their guidance, NGATE continues to break barriers in website development and digital marketing, delivering exceptional results for clients in Sydney and across the globe.